|Rightly Dividing The Word Of Truth: A Fresh Perspective To Understanding The Bible| | FRED S WOLFE II |

"Fred Wolfe has dedicated his life to examining the history, practice, and interpretation of the word of God. The Bible is too often misquoted, and this book will help shed light on some common misconceptions, challenging the reader to strengthen their understanding of God. With scholarly evidence and reasoning, he has written a blueprint of the Bible's inception, as well as the deepest meanings of its words. By closely examining one's understanding of the word of God, they will find a faith and clarity so absolute that it can never be shaken. This book is a must read, no matter where one is in their walk with God." -Pastor Matthew Barnett, Co-Founder of the Dream Center

My Story

I am a progeny of the late Jimmy E. Doop, one of the founders of the House of Acts and original Jesus People of the San Francisco Bay area. I served with Jimmy and his family in Maine from 1975-79. He married my wife Joanne and I, at Leonard’s of Great Neck in March of ’79. In 2005, due to ailing health, I moved him from California to Tucson, AZ where he died in Oct. of 2006. This website is dedicated to his memory.

I was Honorably Discharged (no small miracle) from the U.S. Navy in the summer of 1971, in Philadelphia. I drove my MG Midget from there to my hometown in Paris, IL and spent a few months on the lake with my family partying and misbehaving in general. My mother had secured a 3 month early release form the Navy by getting me enrolled in a Junior College in northern California. I drove there through Wyoming and Canada, Washington and Oregon, sightseeing along the way.

When I arrived in Eureka I went to the college to register and met some people who said I could crash where they were living. It was called the House of Squires. From what I can recall it was a very big house and there must have been 10-20 people living there. Six months after my arrival I bought a house with the money my parents had set aside for college for me. Since the G.I. Bill was paying for that I used the money as a downpayment on a $7800 2 bedroom house. Sometime thereafter I built a wood-fired Sauna big enough for 10 people and began having Sauna bath parties on the weekends.

During the first year at school I associated myself with Vietnam Veterans Against the War and a few other anarchy-oriented groups. I found myself picketing Safeway Stores in support of Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers Union. My 2nd year I became the Ombudsman on campus. I served as a complaint-taker between the school administration and the student body. My popularity grew to the point of being elected to Student Body President my 3rd year in college. I was subsequently re-elected my 4th year. (This was a two year college, but since I had little idea what I was doing but having a ton of fun and the G.I. Bill was continuing to pay for it, I kept attending!)

In the Spring of ’74 I met a man named Tom Daly in my Drafting Class who was wearing a button that said S.I.T. He was the first person to “witness” to me. His button stood for Speak In Tongues. I wanted to know more. I ending up going over to his house and meeting his family. A lot of things happened that summer to change my life, the details of which would be exhausting to get into here and now. Suffice it to say, the Adversary did not want to lose me and as long as he had me, he’d let me do whatever I pleased that was in his best interest. But once he could see my change in attitude, he began to turn on me. Sometime during that summer I changed spiritual masters. I was put in situations where I needed God’s help like never before and He came through for me when I knew I did not deserve it at all.

When I returned to campus in the fall semester of 1974 I was a different person than the one re-elected the previous Spring. No more drugs, no more drunkenness and I began writing articles for the school newspaper about Jesus Christ and his saving grace. In November of that year I took a 36 hour class on the Bible and spoke in tongues at the end of the class, sealing my faith in Jesus Christ. That class served me well for some 40 years now. I spent most of the next 5 years in Maine on the missions field, leading people to Christ, while learning how to apply many principles I was learning from the Bible and growing into a deeper relationship with God and his Son. It was there that I met the love of my life, Joanne Tarantino who was serving God, from Queens N.Y. We began dating after her year of service and were married in March of the following year, 1979.

I currently reside in Marina Del Rey, California, with my one and only wife Joanne, after five years in Maine, one in Illinois, five in NYC, two in Indiana,  and twenty one in Arizona.​

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